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 Krentz Johnson Courtroom Sketches


Camp Pendleton Haditha/Hamdania Hearings

Hamdania Hearings Hamdania Hearings Oct 6, 2006 L to R: Jeremy Sullivan, Col. Steven Folsom (investigator), (Court reporter), PO 3rd Class Melson J Bacos, Lt. Col Scott B Jack, Lt. Jonathan T Stephens (Navy def. counsel). 169182982 Wednesday May 28, 2008 L to R: 1st. Lt. Andrew Grayson, Military Judge: Maj. Brian E Kasprzyk. 169182983 October 16, 2006L to R: Capt Nicholas Gannon, Lt Col John Baker, J Richardson Brannon, Sgt. Lawrence G Hutchins, III, Lt. Col Joseph Smith, Capt Alan Bass. 169182984 Oct 3, 2006 L to R: Col Steven Folsom (investigator), Cpl Marshall L Magincalda, (court reporter), PFC John J Jodka (Lt. Col. Baker in background). 169182985 Thurs Oct 26, 2006L to R: Maj Louis M Schotemeyer, PFC John J Jodka, Lt. Col David Jones, Lt. Col. Joh n Baker 169182986 Wednesday, August 30, 2006 LtoR:Capt. Tetzloff, Cpl. Marshall L Magincalda, Joseph Low, Lt. Col. Simmons, Capt. Michael J Studenka 169182987 Tuesday July 31, 2007 L to R: Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins, Lt. Col. Jeffrey Meeks, J. Richardson Brannon. 169182990 Friday July 27, 2007 L to R: Lt. Col. Brian Cosgrove, Sgt Lawrence Hutchins, J Richardson Brannon, Lt. Phan, Lt. Col Jeffrey Meeks, Lt. Col. John Baker, Lt. Col. Joseph Smith, Capt Nicholas Gannon. 169182992 Nov 6, 2006 L to R: Capt Cindie Blair, Lt. Col Paul Starita, Lanc Cpl Tyler Jackson, L. Col Joseph Lisiecki. 169182993 Thursday, July 26, 2007 L to R:Hospitalman Recruit Melson Bacos, Lt. Col Eugene Robinson, Cpl Marshall L Magincalda, Joseph Law, Maj. Donald Plowman, Lt Col. Sullivan, Wynona Leasch, Malissa Wiginson. 169182994 Friday July 27, 2007 L to R:Cpl Marshall Magincalda, Capt. Thomas Greeger, Lt.Col Phillip E Simmons, Maj. Donald Plowman, Lt. Col Eugene Robins, Lt. Col Sean Sullivan. 169182996 Tuesday July 31, 2007 L to R: Lt. Col. Eugene Robinson, Joseph Low, CplMarshall Magincalda, Lt. Col Sean Sullivan, (Juror). 169182995 Wednesday August 1, 2007 L to R: Lt. Col Phillip Simmons, Lt Col Eugene Robinson, Cpl Marshall Magincalda, Joseph Low, ( Juror reading verdict), Maj Donald Plowman, Lt. Col Sean Sullivan 169182997 Nov 21, 2006 Maj Scott Woodard, Lance Cpl Pennington, Col Bill Hanson, David Brahms, Lt. Col. Eugene Robinson. 169182998 Tuesday Nov 21, 2006 Lance Cpl Pennington, wintessing 169182999 October, 2006 L to R: Col Hanson, Lance Cpl Jerry E Shumate, Jr., Lt. Col. Jeffrey Meeks 169183000 Monday July 9, 2007 L to R: Maj Dale Saran, Cpl Trent D Thomas, Maj Haytham Faraj, Victor Kelley, Lt. Col David M Jones. 169183001 Sept 12, 2006 L to R: Steve Immell, Lance Cpl Jerry Shumate, Jr., Maj Karen Morrisroe, Capt Patrick Callahan. 169183002 Thursday Aug 2, 2007 L t R: Lt Col John Baker, (two court viewers), J. Richardson Brannon, Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins, Joseph Low and Mrs Low (far back), Mr Hutchins holding grandaughter, (unknown family member), Kathleen Hutchins (Mother, white blouse), Lt. Col. Joseph Smith, Mrs Reina Hutchins (partial face), Lt Col Brian Cosgrove. 181396593 Tuesday July 25, 2007. L to R:Lt. Col. Brian Cosgrove, Lt. Co. Joseph Smith, Sgt. Lawrence G Hutchings III, J. Richardson Brannon, Lt. Col Jeffrey Meeks, Staff Sgt. Deborah Koenes (reporter), Cpl Burnett Miles (baliff), Juror raising hand 181396492 June 13, 2007: L to R: Mr. and Mrs. Sharratt, Lance Cpl. Stephen Tatum, Lance Cpl Justin Sharratt, Lt. Col Brian Cosgrove, Jim Culp, Staff Sgt. Fields, Gary Myers, Lt. Col Paul Ware. 181399201 Monday June 11. 2007 L to R: Investigating officer Lt. Col Paul L Ware, Witness Staff Sgt Justine Laughner, Jim Culp, Lance Cpl Justin L Sharratt, Gary Myers, Maj Deren Erickson. 181399202 Tuesday June 12, 2007 . L TO R:Lt. Col. Paul Ware, Staff Sgt Wuterich (in observation gallery) with Neal Puckett, Lt. Col. David Bolgiano, Gary Meyers, Maj Daren Erickson, Lance Cpl Justin Sharratt, Capt. Christian Hur. 181399203 Wednesday, January 29, 2014 L to R: Sgt Lawrence Hutchins III, Capt. Kazinski, Col. Richardson, Capt. McNeilly, MajorRichard Hanson. 188980836 Thursday, February 13, 2014 Lt to R: Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III, Capt.Shawn Lovel, Capt.Eric Skoczenski, Col. Michael Richardson, Capt. McNielly, Major Richard Hanson. 190065566 Wednesday June 9, 2015 CAMP PENDLETON L to R: Capt.Shawn Lovell, Capt.Eric Skoczenski,Sgt. Lawrence Hutchins III, CAP. Henderson, Maj. Sam Newsome, Panel. 198941344 Wednesday, June 16, 2015 L to R: Sgt Lawrence Hutchins III, CAP Andrew Henderson, Chris Oprison, Members of the Panel. 198941345 Wednesday, June 16, 2015 L to R: Cpt. Shawn Lovell, Capt Eric Skoczenski,, Sgt Lawrence Hutchins III, CAP Andrew Henderson, President of the Panel, Maj. Adam Workman. 198941346 Wednesday, June 16, 2015 L to R: Cpt. Shawn Lovell, Capt Eric Skoczenski,, Sgt Lawrence Hutchins III, CAP Andrew Henderson, Maj. Adam Workman, Members of the Panel, Maj Sam Newsome. 198941347 Thursday, June 17, 2012 L to R: , Chris Oprison, Sgt. Hutchins, S.Sgt Lopez, CAP Andrew Henderson, Members of the Panel. 198941348 Thursday, June 17, 2012 L to R: Capt. Eric Skoczenski, CAP Andrew Henderson, Sgt. Hutchins, Members of the Panel. 198941213

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